OptiFlow™ Continuous-Flow Operating Sheath

Increased flow dynamics, even with an instrument inserted.

Developed with increased flow dynamics compared to the traditional dual sheath system, the OptiFLOW Continuous-Flow Operating Sheath works with the 12° and 30° PANOVIEW PLUS telescopes. The sheath is constructed as a single piece with a click-lock for added strength.

The 45° angle inflow and outflow ports are ergonomically designed for placement of tubing and access to the entire working length. The OptiFLOW has a low-profile working channel offering an in-line approach for placing forceps and an atraumatic, oblique tip for easier access, even with a stenotic cervix. The stopcocks can be removed for cleaning, replacement, and sterilization.

Features at a glance.

  • Continuous flow sheath in a single piece design.
  • Ideal for operating rooms or office procedures.
  • Easy set up and reprocessing.
  • Oblique tip allows for atraumatic cervical access, even in stenotic patients.
  • Has a 5 Fr. offset working channel to accompany a large range of operating tools.
  • Quick-connect lock.
  • For use with PANOVIEW PLUS 2.7 mm Hysteroscope.

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